Tall Elk Antler Chandelier


Unique Antler designs tall elk antler chandeliers with 12 candelabra lights to light up your space perfectly. All of our chandeliers are made from real top grade antler. Every rosette and candelabra is polished to a shine. We use UL components and inspect all of our work. Our chandeliers come with everything you will need to install into a ceiling box and come with a rusted chain color. Please email us with any and all questions for custom orders.  Every aspect of our lighting options can be customized to fit your project needs!


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Unique Antler designs elk antler chandeliers that are all handcrafted in Idaho with top grade real antler sheds. We carefully hand-select each antler individually. We inspect and grade each antler based on its appearance, shape, quality, age, and weight.  Our elk chandeliers are out of the best looking sheds. Every antler chandelier is a work of art, we put in the time and precision to make sure our customers are happy.

We conceal the wiring inside the antler, fill each hole, and custom blend them to seamlessly match each antler’s appearance. Each elk antler chandelier has beautiful antler candelabra light sockets. (rated at 75 watts each.) with all UL components. Down lights and other sizes are available upon request. We thoroughly test our chandeliers and provide you with everything necessary for installation, including a chain, into a ceiling box. Chains are a rusted in color, other colors are available upon request. Our chandeliers are handcrafted using many types of antler to create a grand yet simple piece of functional art, fit for your home. 

Don’t forget we custom build our elk antler chandeliers and love doing it. Let us know if you would like a different size or style to meet your needs. Customers can have more candelabras and down lights, chain color is available upon request along with more pictures for antler lighting ideas. We can can include eagle head art. Please contact us for options and availability. We strive to satisfy each of our customers. Lead time will vary.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the mainland USA.


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