Mule Deer Antler Chandelier


At Unique Antler Designs, we offer a collection of mule deer antler chandeliers that will truly illuminate your space with rustic elegance. Pictured here is our large chandelier, measuring 44×36 inches, adorned with 6 antler candelabra lights.

What makes our chandeliers exceptional is the use of top-grade, authentic antlers, ensuring a genuine and natural look. Each rosette and candelabra is meticulously polished to a brilliant shine, adding a touch of sophistication to the rustic charm. We take great care in using UL-approved components and conducting thorough inspections to guarantee the highest quality.

Our chandeliers come complete with all the necessary hardware for easy installation in a ceiling box. They are accompanied by a rusted chain for a classic finish. If you desire a different chain color or wish to explore additional design options, simply let us know, and we’ll be delighted to accommodate your preferences. Our mule deer antler chandeliers are available in various sizes and can even incorporate exquisite eagle head art, adding a unique touch to your lighting masterpiece.




Illuminate your space with rustic elegance using Unique Antler Designs’ collection of mule deer antler chandeliers. Our large 44×36-inch chandelier, adorned with 6 antler candelabra lights, exudes sophistication. Crafted with top-grade authentic antlers, each piece undergoes meticulous polishing for a natural shine, and our commitment to quality includes UL-approved components and thorough inspections.

Our mule deer antler chandeliers, handcrafted in Idaho, feature hidden wiring within the antler, seamless hole filling, and beautiful antler candelabra light sockets. Available in various sizes, our chandeliers can be customized with different chain colors or incorporate eagle head art for a unique touch. We take pride in individually selecting Grade A antlers, ensuring every chandelier is a work of art that meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Experience hassle-free installation with our included hardware and rusted chain, or choose an alternative color upon request. With FREE SHIPPING on all mainland USA orders, our commitment to customer satisfaction shines through. Contact us for custom options, additional pictures, and availability from our gallery, where each chandelier is crafted to be a grand yet simple functional art piece for your home. Looking for other antler decor for your space? Check out our collection of Antler Carvings and Antler Tables!





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Small 24-30" with 4-5 lights, Medium 30-32" with 6 lights, Large 36" with 6 lights and 2 down lights, X-Large 44-36" with 6 lights


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