Salt and Pepper Shakers


Unique Antler Design presents a unique addition to your dining experience – our antler salt and pepper shakers. Crafted from hollowed antler, these shakers feature wooden tops with precise “P” and “S” markings for easy identification.

Not only do these shakers serve a practical purpose, but they also make for captivating conversation pieces around the dinner table. The combination of rustic antler and functional design adds a touch of natural beauty to your dining decor, making your meals even more enjoyable and memorable.


Enhance your dining experience with Unique Antler Design’s antler salt and pepper shakers. Crafted from hollowed antler with precisely drilled wooden tops featuring “P” and “S,” these shakers are both functional and stylish. They not only add a unique touch to your table settings but also serve as great conversation pieces, making every meal a memorable experience.

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