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Unique Antler presents diverse quarter moose carvings, featuring depictions of two or more animals like Elk, Moose, Bear, Wolf, and Eagle. Our skilled antler carving professional crafts each piece based on real antlers, ensuring authenticity and quality. With decades of experience, our artist creates unique masterpieces that capture the essence of wildlife in remarkable detail. These quarter moose carvings bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living space, offering a harmonious representation of nature. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders within the mainland USA, making these captivating and authentic quarter moose carvings accessible to wildlife art enthusiasts.




Unique Antler brings you a diverse collection of quarter moose carvings, showcasing the craftsmanship of our skilled antler carving professional. These exquisite carvings feature depictions of two or more animals, including Elk, Moose, Bear, Wolf, and Eagle. Crafted based on real antlers, each carving is a testament to our commitment to authenticity and quality.

Our quarter moose antler carvings are carefully handcrafted, capturing the essence of wildlife in remarkable detail. The artistic touch of our seasoned professional, with decades of experience in antler carving, ensures that each piece is a unique masterpiece. We take pride in the intricate craftsmanship that goes into every carving, bringing the outdoors into your living space.

At Unique Antler, we prioritize quality and authenticity. Each carving is based on real antler material, providing a genuine and natural aesthetic. Our artist, with years of expertise, infuses life into the carvings, creating a harmonious representation of wildlife.

If you’re seeking a distinctive piece that reflects the beauty of the outdoors, our quarter moose carvings offer a captivating choice. The inclusion of multiple animals, such as Elk, Moose, Bear, Wolf, and Eagle, allows you to select a carving that resonates with your appreciation for nature. Be sure to take a look at the Unique antler designs entire antler carving collection HERE!

We also offer customization options to meet your specific preferences. Whether you desire a different size or style, we are dedicated to creating a piece that aligns with your unique vision. Contact us to explore more photos or inquire about available pieces from our gallery, where immediate shipping options may be available.

Experience the convenience of FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the mainland USA, making these quarter moose antler carvings more accessible for enthusiasts of wildlife-inspired art. Elevate your space with the beauty and authenticity of our handcrafted quarter moose carvings from Unique Antler Designs.

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Elk, Bear, Moose, Caribou, Banking Eagle, Wolf, Ram, Whitetail, Bear with fish


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