Dall Sheep Horn


Unique Antler designs two different ram carvings on the Dall Sheep horn. We carve an image of two fighting rams and two resting rams. We have one Dall sheep carving available. This is carved in a Dall Sheep horn is based with a whitetail antler.  Limited supply!!!!



Unique Antler designs a hand carved image of fighting rams and . We carve a Dall sheep horn with two rams carving. Our Dall Sheep horn carvings are based with a white tail antler.  Limited supply!!!!

We have one Dall sheep carving available. Every carving is hand crafted by our antler carving professional. Our artist has been doing antler carving for decades. She has put in the time mastering her technique, watching game animals, and paying attention to every detail to make sure each of her carvings come to life. We live to bring the outdoors in.

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