Fireplace Tool Set 4 and 5-piece


Unique Antler Design offers both 4 and 5-piece antler fireplace tool sets, each featuring the timeless beauty of top-grade whitetail deer or moose antlers. At the top of these tool sets, you’ll find a stunning large antler that adds an elegant touch to your fireplace decor. The set is anchored by another sturdy antler, ensuring stability and durability.

For those who appreciate an extra touch of sophistication, the top antler can be expertly buffed and polished to a brilliant shine, highlighting the natural beauty of the antlers. Alternatively, you have the option to have an eagle head carving with a shining beak, adding a unique and eye-catching element to your fireplace tool set

The 5-piece comes with a stand, log roller, brush, shovel, and poker. Our 4-piece comes with a stand, brush, shovel, and poker.


Unique Antler Design presents a variety of fireplace tool sets, each crafted to combine functionality with the rustic beauty of antlers. Our 5-piece fireplace tool set features a stunning large top-grade whitetail deer or moose antler at the top, providing both elegance and authenticity. The set is completed with another sturdy antler, forming a solid and durable base.

This 5-piece set includes all the essential tools you need for your fireplace, such as a stand, log roller, brush, shovel, and poker. Beyond their practical utility, these tool sets also serve as striking decorative pieces, adding a touch of rustic charm to your fireplace and enhancing the overall ambiance of your living space

Our 4-piece comes with a stand, brush, shovel, and poker. The tools are  made with a high quality sturdy black iron. Each handle is made from elk antler that is buffed and polished to complete the look. Add an eagle head with a beautifully shined beak to your tool set.

Don’t forget that each tool is custom made! Let us know if you would like a different size or style to meet your needs. We strive to satisfy each of our customers.

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