3 Bottle Holder with Glasses


At Unique Antler, we proudly present our 3 Bottle Holder with glasses, a stunning addition to your home decor. This holder boasts a large and robust antler base, complemented by hand selected antlers, thoughtfully arranged to support up to 7 wine glasses and 3 bottles of wine, or any other bottle of your preference.

Our wine racks are all expertly crafted from sturdy deer antler, ensuring a solid and stable base. The multiple beautiful antlers are thoughtfully positioned to elegantly cradle your wine bottles and your chosen glassware. The rosette of each antler is hand-buffed and polished to a radiant shine, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Be sure to explore our wine and martini glasses and wine tools, as they beautifully complement this piece, completing the overall look.

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Our Antler Wine Rack is available in many variations. Each of these wine racks is meticulously crafted from one-of-a-kind mule deer or whitetail deer antlers, each possessing its own distinctive and captivating shape.

You have the flexibility to choose the size that best suits your needs and complements your decor. Whether you prefer the elegance of a single bottle holder or the larger capacity of the three-bottle holder, our antler wine racks are both functional and artistic additions to your space, providing an authentic and rustic touch to your wine storage.

We craft our wine racks from robust deer antlers. This ensures a solid base with multiple exquisite antlers to securely cradle your wine bottles. We thoughtfully arrange the antlers to accommodate your preferred glassware. We meticulously hand-buff and polish the rosette of each antler to achieve a dazzling shine. Also, be sure to explore our selection of wine and martini glasses, as well as wine tools, which, when paired with our wine racks, truly enhance the overall aesthetic.
Don’t forget we do a variety of custom work.Let us know if you would like a different size or style to meet your needs. We strive to satisfy each of our customers. Please email or call us for more picture and to see what is available to ship from our gallery today. Lead time will vary.
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