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  • Unique Antler designs a large Elk Antler Coffee Table that comes with a 3x5'' glass. For every table we individually hand select each antler. We use top grade  antler when creating our tables to ensure everything is sturdy and well crafted. The ends of each antler rosette is buffed and polished to a shine.

    Elk Antler Coffee Table


    Revamp your living space with Unique Antler Designs’ large Elk Antler Coffee Table, an exquisite blend of natural allure and functional elegance. The table features four hand-selected Grade A elk antlers supporting a 3×5 foot glass top, showcasing their intricate and organic prongs. Our diverse table collection caters to various tastes, from bold Moose and Elk Antler tables to compact Deer and Moose Antler end tables, all meticulously crafted with buffed and polished ends for rustic elegance. Embracing customization, each table is a unique piece, reflecting individual preferences. Contact us for more pictures and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all mainland USA orders, elevating your home with the captivating beauty of our Elk Antler Coffee Table.


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